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Multi Family Pest Control - Phoenix and Tucson

Multi-Family Pest Control Phoenix, TucsonWith 25 years of experience in the professional pest elimination industry, Burns Pest Elimination is your one-stop pest elimination source. You can rely on us for professional, safe and dependable service, guaranteed!

Interior Service Areas
  • Integrated pest management concentrating on cracks, crevices and harborage areas.
  • Personalized service for individual units.
  • Dusting of void and plumbing chases
  • Pressure injection of insect flushing agent.
  • 30 Day service guarantee.

Exterior Service Areas:
  • Building structural base power sprayed.
  • Granulation of high moisture areas.
  • Treatment of all sprinkler/water boxes.
  • Perimeter walls power sprayed.
  • Baiting for target insects (ants, crickets, etc.).
  • Trash dumpsters.
  • Treatment of on-site sewers and storm drains.
  • 30 Day service guarantee.

Burns Pest Elimination’s monthly service on the exterior of the community includes the exterior of the grounds plus all common areas including clubhouses, offices, laundry and maintenance rooms, plus the entire base area of structures.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction "If it’s not the Best Service you’ve ever hadÂ… it’s on us!"

If a resident moves from a treated unit, we will pay that month’s rent* (Best Service Guarantee Available)
  • All services have a 30 day treatment guarantee.
  • 24 hour 7-day a week emergency services available.
  • Dispatched service personnel.
  • Insect/problem identification.
  • Computerized billings.
  • Newsletter information.

*Ask your account executive for details
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