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Food Service Pest Control - Phoenix and Tucson

Food Service Pest Control Phoenix, Tucson At Burns Pest Elimination we understand that in the food industry it is vital to keep all areas clear of pests. We offer only the best pest elimination services so that you can have peace of mind while operating your business.

Interior Service Areas
  • Integrated pest management concentrating on cracks, crevices and harborage areas.
  • Residual with baiting of food prep and dining.
  • Dusting of void and plumbing chases.
  • Dry storage and critical areas.
  • Monitoring for pest activity.
  • 30 Day service guarantee.

Exterior Service Areas
  • Building structural base power sprayed.
  • Granulation of high moisture areas.
  • Treatment of all sprinkler/water boxes.
  • Perimeter walls power sprayed.
  • Baiting for target insects (ants, crickets, etc.)
  • Trash dumpsters.
  • 30 Day service guarantee.

  • MSDS Books Provided
  • Maintenance Reports Completed for Each Service
  • All Services Have 30 Day Treatment Guarantee
  • 24 hour 7-day a Week Emergency Services Available
  • Dispatched Service Personnel
  • Insect/Problem Identification
  • Computerized Billings
  • Newsletter Information
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